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Relaxation… If only I had this bathroom

Okay, so one of the things I enjoy doing is house peeping. It is very relaxing and invigorating. In my opinion a house is functional art Continue reading

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Mexican Beef Tacos or Beef Salad

The shredded roast beef was warmed up with a medium salsa. Organic Romain lettuce was chopped up, with tomatoes and avocados. The mexican roast beef was placed on top. Continue reading

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PE 1098 Class notes UNIT 2

In Unit 2, we have discussed nutrition, energy systems and exercise programs. Three weeks hardly seems long enough to discuss these important concepts.
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Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

What is Resting Metabolic Rate? Resting Metabolic Rate is the amount of energy required by the body to perform vital body functions for 24 hours while the body is at rest.   Basically, it states how many calories (or how … Continue reading

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Jen’s Mexican Omelette

Omelettes are great ways to add nutrient dense carbohydrates or “vegetables” into your first meal of the day! And don’t worry if you can’t make a perfect omelette, because a broken omelette makes perfect scrambled eggs! Continue reading

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Pack a Lunch & New Coleslaw Recipe

I have found if I want to eat well during the day at work, especially when I am at work for 8-10 hours, I need to make sure that I pack healthy food and that I have plenty of healthy snacks available to eat! Continue reading

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Cookie Monster

But seriously, cookies, cake, twinkies, Sees candy, hard candy, ice cream, hot fudge, brownies, are everywhere! They are a part of our society. How do we live with them and not let them attack us Continue reading

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200 Calorie Protein Shake

This mornings recovery drink/ Protein Shake was about 200 Calories. It consisted of 1/2 a banana. 8 oz Almond Chocolate Milk and 1/2 a Tablespoon of powdered Egg Protein. Continue reading

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Pizza Eggs

My Pizza Egg has one egg scrambled with a quarter cup of Spaghetti or Pizza Sauce. There are about 100 calories in my breakfast with 8 grams of protein. You can add spinach, tomatoes, olives, or cheese or pretty much anything that sounds good to you. I thought this would an excellent way to encourage kids to eat eggs! What kid wouldn’t want pizza eggs? Continue reading

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Healthy Shopping Healthy Eating

A healthy salad is an excellent way to eat a variety of Nutrient Dense Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins) and Micronutrients. Salads are an easy way to make sure you get 4-8 servings of vegetables in a day! Sometimes I prefer Red Cabbage to Lettuce, today I had a mix! Continue reading

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