Aizawa Family

Aizawa: First Japanese Host Family, Jen Ford (McBride) July 1990 Ishinomaki, Japan

Today, while searching for my 1990 address book and journal, I found old letters and information about two of my three host families. The paper had their addresses and phone numbers from 1990. I guess it is a good thing that I don’t throw old boxes of letters away. However, I still can’t locate the address nor the full names of the Aizawa Family in Ishinomaki, Japan. (pictured above!)

I wanted to share the letter I did find from my First Japanese mother, Mrs Aizawa from 1990.

“Hello Jennie,

What a wonderful 10 days we have. After you left, every day there has been an emptiness in our home. We miss you very much.

After summer vacation, I have been very busy working in the school cafeteria. Nori-san, and the other two friends all say hello and they are fine… The next time you return to visit Japan, I hope we can prepare better for the occasion by studying English more. I feel that our lack of English ability made it somewhat inconvenient for you and I apologize.

See you later…. Your Japanese Mother.”

Reading this, I feel her sweet love and kindness. I wish all Americans had Japanese mothers! I long to see her today. I long to thank her for her kind hospitality.

The river in Ishinomaki behind Aizawa Home, Ishinomaki Japan

They are the family I am the most concerned for and feel that their home and business have been destroyed. I fear they may have lost their lives. By now they must be in their 60′s or possibly 70′s. When I visited they had a daughter attending college in Sendai.

If anyone knows of the whereabouts of the Aizawa family in Ishinomaki, I would love to be able to make contact and tell them how much I love them.

Here are some pictures of their home along the river!

Aizawa Family Home on the River in Ishinomaki, Japan (1990)

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7 Responses to Aizawa Family

  1. Misti (mish) says:

    Hi Jen,
    Do you know if there are records for these families on the Japanese side of google people finder? That was the only way I was able to hear from a family member that I was searching for. There was no response to the English record. If not, I can try and guess the kanji and see if I can find some information. If you have the first names of any of the members and what area in Ishinomaki they lived, I’d be happy to enter a record for them and check for any updates.

    Keep hoping…

  2. Jen McBride says:

    Mitsi… Thanks so much! I can’t remember their full names. I’ve looked for everyone in “english” on Google People Finder… But I haven’t been able to locate the Aizawa’s home address or full names… I’ll post when I locate it!

  3. Misti (mish) says:

    Great! I’d be more than happy to help track updates or get translations if needed. I used google translate for much of the first names. The post using google translate wasn’t perfect so I had someone else translate for me…i’m in Hawaii so we have quite a few Japanese nationals who can do this so please do not hesitate to let me know how I can help. I broke down when I heard from my friend’s son. I realize what people are going through so anyone else who would like me to try and enter records on the Japan side of google finder, I would be happy to help even in this small way. My friend’s son is traveling to Ishinomaki with his sister tomorrow. Keep the hope…my prayers are with everyone.

  4. Misti (mish) says:

    Forgot to post the google translate link:|ja|


  5. kevin staudte says:

    That is so cool you lived in Japan. You look so happy in that picture. Anyway, Cheers!

  6. Holden wagstaff says:

    I really hope your Japanese family is okay and they and their neighbors are healthy and escaped this disaster unscathed. I hope you are doing okay seeing people you care about go through so much.

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